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Lincs HFT is pleased to announce that we are taking new memberships and renewals for the April 2017/April 2018 season.

The Rules

Date added: 03 March 2010 - 09:25 PM
Date updated: 17 September 2011 - 11:30 AM

The Club maintains a strict code of practice for your safety.

Members, please be sure to read and understand them.

Code Of Practice

-Safety is the Clubs major priority, unsafe practice will not be tolerated in any form.

-All Club rules will be abided by without exception.

-All participants will report any unsafe practice, if seen, to a Club Official.

-A copy of the all Rules is posted on the Club Notice Board.

-The identity of Club officials and contact details is displayed on the Club notice board.

-The Club will have a Safety Officer at all times.

-All participants are responsible to maintain safe practice.

-All non-members will be asked to read the club rules before participating at the Club.

-All members will sign that they have read and understand the rules upon joining.

Club Rules

-Members and Non-members alike will abide by the Club's Code of practice at all times.

Three strikes and you're out.

-All Guns, Rifles or Pistols must not be loaded unless at a defined firing point.

-All rifles not in gun slips/cases must be carried with barrel to the ground even slung on the shoulder. No exceptions.

-All rifles not in gun slips/cases and not on the firing point must be empty, have its magazine removed or, if built-in magazine, empty.

-Air Pistols must remain unloaded and in it's slip/case, with magazine removed unless at the firing point.

-No shots will be fired unless at a defined firing point.

-Shooting ANY wildlife on Club Grounds is Strictly Prohibited.

-All Junior members must be supervised by parent/guardian at all times. Lincs HFT Committee members are not responsible for your children. The law requires all young people under the age of 14 be supervised by a responsible adult of at least 21 years of age.

-No refunds on cancelled memberships for any reason.

-A Club Official will take up disputes. The Chairman's decision is final.

-Your Club membership card should be carried at all times, we may need to see it.

-Open competitions are for both members and non members. Specific members only competitions may also be conducted.

-Pool shoots are open to members and non-members alike unless otherwise stated at the time.

-All participants shall remain considerate to others.

-Club facilities are for you, please respect them. Please don't litter.

-All cars and bikes are parked at the Club at the car or bike owners risk.

-The Club accepts no responsibility for loss or theft of participant’s belongings. No exceptions.

-The Club reserves the right to remain closed without notice during exceptionally bad weather or other exceptional circumstances.


So as to maintain alignment with other HFT Clubs, the club adopts the UKAHFT Rules.

You can finsd a copy on the UKAHFT website in the Links section

Please respect and obey the rules and enjoy your club