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Lincs HFT is pleased to announce that we are taking new memberships and renewals for the April 2017/April 2018 season.

About the Club

Date added: 03 March 2010 - 09:25 PM
Date updated: 13 March 2010 - 10:44 PM
Located on the edge of Waddington Village on the outskirts of the City of Lincoln, Lincs Hunter FT Club is a safe and enjoyable environment to participate in this fast growing sport.

While the club centres on Hunter Field Target we also have facilities for Gun zeroing, Air Rifle Target shooting, Air pistol shooting or just a bit of Plinking.


Since it's expansion in late '04 and completion in early '05, the Practice range has 10 bench rested shooting stations, Plus one station being with the disabled shooter in mind, allowing easy access and shooting from the chair. All stations have targets set out at measured distances of 20, 30 & 40 yards. Two additional shooting positions are provided for freestanding allowing you to put your standing shots to the test. The range is now covered with a concrete floor and is illuminated for those dark winter evenings.

Each shooting session lasts for 15 minutes. This allows all members equal opportunity to shoot. Multiple sessions are permitted but priority is given to those who haven't yet shot.

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Hunter FT Range

The Hunter FT range provides a 30-shot layout at varying ranges of 8 meters to 45 meters. Field Target type knock down targets are used with ‘Kill Zones’ of 15mm to 40mm.

The club uses UKAHFT rules. This ensures national compatibility making visits to other Affiliated UKAHFT clubs less daunting.

You may shoot in pairs or maximum groups of four. As long as a minimum of one firing point separates each group, 15 groups can be accommodated at any one time. So there is plenty of room for everyone.

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Pistol Range

While not our main focus we do welcome users of Air Pistols. Instead of being segregated, pistol shooters may occupy any of the shooting stations and portable targets can quickly be positioned at your desired range.

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Club League & Competitions The Club operates a Summer and Winter league with trophies awarded to the winners at the Christmas Shoot. The individual rounds of the league also double as a comp with a small entry fee and cash prizes on the day. The competition element is optional but it does generate light hearted competitiveness among shooters.

League shoots are held on a monthly basis and are open to members only. On competition days non-members may shoot the competition as practice but members will take priority when waiting to shoot.

From time to time the club will hold single entry HFT competitions. The competitions are not compulsory but do take priority over practice rounds.

Other competitions vary throughout the year. These may be a PCP comp or a Springer Comp. It could be on paper targets or knockdowns. It may even be on chalks. Whatever it is we'll try to keep it interesting. Occasionally there will a prize donated by a sponsor of the Club. The prize winner will be drawn from the competition scorecards. So it won't always be the 'Top Shots' that win.

Summer Shoot

A new shoot for 2008 and will be held annually. This shoot will be combined with a fun camping weekend (Sat/Sun) with pitches in the adjacent field and a BBQ.

Trophies for these events will be awarded at our annual social evening so you'd better get a shelf ready for all those you win !!

Pool Shoots

On competition days we don't want you hanging around getting board. To keep you busy we usually provide a pool shoot. The layout/concept for the shoot changes each time. There will be a nominal entry fee with a single winner taking the prize or payout.