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Lincs HFT is pleased to announce that we are taking new memberships and renewals for the April 2017/April 2018 season.


Date added: 03 March 2010 - 05:02 PM
Date updated: 26 June 2011 - 10:40 PM
Lincs Hunter FT Club....

Out of a desire to promote and support the world of Air Gun Shooting Sports, Guns ‘n’ Stuff of Lincoln were finding it increasingly difficult to recommend places for local Air Gun enthusiasts to shoot.

A number of regular customers already had places to shoot. These were either ‘shoots’ in terms of permission to shoot vermin on private land or members of some distant Target Shooting Club. Increasingly “If only there was somewhere locally to shoot” was becoming an almost daily comment.

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From this Lincs HFT Club was born and has since evolved into a popular independent shooting club run by a dedicated committee of local enthusiasts.

Our mission

To promote Air Gun Shooting Sports in the local area and to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to participate in Air Gun Shooting.

Our objective was to form a Club, which offered facilities that would be interesting, safe and enjoyable to enthusiasts of all age groups, of any gender, regardless of experience and be attractive to target shooters and hunters alike. There is only one discipline that caters for this and that’s………. Hunter Field Target.


The UK Series consists of shoots at various club grounds around the country forming a UK league. Lincs HFT Club will participate in this Series and as such host one of the events. Anyone can attend and compete in the Series. A team of shooters made up of Club members will represent the Club in the Series. There are usually 10 events to attend annually. The host Club will ensures that camping/catering facilities are available close by for the weekend of the shoot. More information is available on the BBS so check it out. Additional information about the UK Series is available at the Club and updates will be posted on this site and on the Club's Notice Board.

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